- Here's some of my own digital art.

Below is the type of paper on which I print all the posters, the paper type Hahnemühle. It makes the colours stand out and look sharp for many years without the colours fading.


- Next, I'll show you some cross-sectional posters.


I was curious about what our moons from the solar system looked like and they looked pretty interesting. That's why I got the idea to make cross-sections of them!

- It then became more diverse, such as cakes and food.


- Flowers! Don't you just love the different colours and shapes of all the beautiful flowers in the garden/balcony? I do! That's why I got the idea to make my own version of Graphic Flowers!


Eventually, I made bikes with the same source of inspiration as the cross-sections, to give them a colourful spot.


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Paper Type - Hahnemühle

Cross section Moons


Cross section Food, and Coffee