I am a Digital Matte Painter from Denmark.

Here you can read my Bio and take a look at my CV.

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- Lisa



Ghost VFX 2016-2018

Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Star Trek: Discovery

The Nun

The Quake

A Royal Affair


Fear the Walking Dead


The Walking Dead


Sleepy Hollow

Worldwide FX​ 2012-2012

The Expendables 2 

Illustrator/Infographic/Graphics 2011-2016



CheckPoint Travel

Fliva A/S

Short Movies 2007-2015

Drop of Gold


Lau og Laudrup

Advert jobs 2011-2012

M2 Film 

The Mill VFX London


I'm a Digital Artist with a main focus on Digital Matte paintings. That is painting environments and elements for integration into VFX shots.

I went to the Drawing academy based in Viborg from around 2005-2006. Where we focused on classical drawing, who gave me a good knowledge of learning the basic principles of classical drawing with a strong focus on the human body.  

Also it educated me in different elements, such as observation, composition, dynamics and movement, proportions, light and shadows, anatomy and construction and volume.

In 2007  I applied to the Animation Workshop Bachelor program. 

The Computer Graphic Arts program focuses on artistic and technical areas of 2D and 3D animation film production and gives you a foundation in storytelling and design, as well as the entire 3D pipeline, in pursuits beyond animation.

After 3.5 years education I now have a Bachelor in Computer Graphic Arts.



Got an internship at The Mill, a VFX company based in London. There I was working on Concepts and Matte paintings for a lot of different clients.


After the internship, I got a job there. It was a great time, but unfortunately, London is an expensive city. So after 1 year in London I decided to quit my job and move back home to Denmark.

I got a job at Ghost VFX afterwards. And was freelancing there for a time.

Then I got a job opportunity in Bulgaria, Sofia at a VFX company called Worldwide FX, where I worked as a Digital Matte Painter on the movie The Expendables 2. It was a 2 month freelancing job. 

Back in Denmark from 2012-2016 I worked freelance doing a lot of different kinds of Graphic jobs for companies in Denmark, from DMP to Infographics.

I also took time to do my own art and have been working a lot of graphic posters, created a Webshop, sold a lot and still do, so please take a look on my Shop if you like.

Back in business from 2016-2018 I got back to Ghost VFX and was lucky to be able to work on Star Wars among other great movies, adverts and series all from Star Trek to Fear the Walking dead.

- In 2018-2019 I went for maternity for a year and now after a year im ready for more projects such as Graphic designing and DMP and are creating more poster art for the webshop.

Thank you for taking your time. 

- Lisa